Well before the design process begins, potential projects should be evaluated for their land-use, design and financial feasibility. I offer a variety of planning services to clients to evaluate those questions and include code and zoning research, site analysis, feasibility studies, existing conditions survey, historic building research, programming and conceptual design, and cost and scheduling analysis. Working with city and local building officials, contractors, engineers and cost estimate professionals, I help clients evaluate and make these critical early decisions about the project.


Each project provides endless unique possibilities for design opportunities and solutions. The process begins with listening to my clients, developing a concise, but well-developed vision and then deeply exploring the natural, spatial, community and site context that inspire a truly original and authentic design. We then explore a number of different scenarios, reviewing which options meet the goals of the project, ask what can be better, provide options for discussion, and move towards agreement.  The end result is a balanced design that meets client programming needs, is economical and resource efficient and creates connection between place and occupant.

Historic Preservation

Each historic home, building or property has a unique story to tell.  I have specialized in helping clients and businesses with research, evaluation and design solutions to preserve and upgrade their historic properties. Since each historic building has a unique story to preserve, I take great satisfaction in helping revitalize that aging landmark. I begin with careful assessment of historical and existing conditions, proceed by understanding and establishing rehabilitation and restoration criteria, and finish by sensitively integrating old and new elements into the design. I work with architectural historians, local officials, building code and sustainably code experts and local and national preservation organizations as needed to develop the most successful strategy for preservation.


Sustainable Design

I strive to design buildings that make the smallest possible impact on energy, water, materials use, and human health. Learning, demonstrating, and practicing sustainable design is integral to my mission of building community.  The pursuit of green certification, however, is determined by our clients. We work with clients to understand how sustainable design strategies will benefit their project and align with their values. Energy savings attained through passive design strategies like building orientation, mass, fenestration, and shading devices, are augmented by active solar heat or electricity generation, can create net zero energy buildings. Careful research can be employed to identify fixtures, equipment and materials that meet design and performance requirements of the client, project, but also meet industry energy and resource standards for sustainability.

Construction Administration

When construction begins, the project moves from an abstraction to a physical reality.  My involvement at this critical time is not to supervise the contractor or construction process, but to provide overall project management, insure that the construction meets the intent and details of the design and construction documents and to facilitate ongoing communication for all team members. These services may include assisting you in hiring the contractor, making site visits, reviewing and approving the contractor's applications for payment, and keeping you informed of the project's progress.